• "True happiness is cheap enough, yet how dearly we pay for it's counterfeit"

It is essential for us as cognitive beings to make time for self care. We must focus on our thoughts, choices, habits, and the kinds of situations we put ourselves in every day. All of these things can greatly affect our lives, although in modern times it is easy to mindlessly drift through life unaware. For me it is amazing to think back to a time when I wasn't taking good care of myself and think about my lack of self awareness. Things that are obvious to me now were a mystery then. When I am being good about self care it is much easier to make positive choices, create, and simply enjoy life. My self awareness grows and I am able to clearly seek out in life what it is I want, without inhibitions holding me back. This zine is A new discovery for me although I already have learned a lot of it's lessons. I think a lot of people could benefit from this quick read. Thank you to Jeanna Harris for compiling this very down-to-earth and informative zine! This zine has a lot of simple and easy tips about saving money, budgeting, and spending less time trading your precious time on earth for money etc. It also includes a karma repair kit, lots of neat artwork, ideas and writings to raise self awareness and consciousness. Thank you for reading, and love yourself!

Greeting Friends, and followers! Over the last week I reached 100 subscribers on my YouTube Channel and I now have a good amount of content uploaded with 10 different videos. Coincidentally I reached 10,000 page views right here on TrekkingBuddha.com the same day, and now have 21 posts here discussing a wide range of topics! A nice amount of traffic on the site lately as well as, My eBay Store, which has re-opened and is now running smoothly once again. My first shipment of orders was mailed out today. I would highly encourage anyone to take my eBay challenge! Thank you to everyone who has supported this project by purchasing an item, and/or visiting this website. Please continue to spread the word, leave feedback, and read this blog! I have came a long way in the last 5 months since I have started this project. I look forward to continuing publishing and creative new content to share important information with everyone!

As you can see here, I enjoy to take a lot of time and care for the items that I mail out to my supporters. All of the packages are completely recyclable and come with your own custom spur-of-the-moment artwork, hand drawn by me for your viewing enjoyment.

I am from Michigan and anyone here knows that the winters on the west coast of the peninsula can be very harsh. Temperatures as for down as -15 degrees ferinheight (-9 degrees Celsius), and snowfall in combination with strong winds can create snow drifts that reach as high as 15ft. With that being said trying to bicycle in such weather conditions can be much different from your luxurious summer cruise (clear, 60 degrees, and sunny). This zine is for the few of us who, even in the tough winters, still pedal on through the furry! Its loaded with practical solutions to the basic problems one might face when riding in such conditions.

View/Download Winter Riding. (.Pdf Only 1 Mb. Super Minimal Style)

Another good resource I have found for making your own riding equipment is BikeHack.com. Lots of creative ideas for making DIY fenders, chain guards, tire mods, panniers, hand guards, even crazy stuff like bike windshields! Check it out.

I figured id share a photo from a recent stealth camp location i was at. I setup this camp in the daylight during an extremely heavy wind storm. Walking through the knee high snow was very difficult even while wearing my jeans, a synthetic base layer and heavy duty boots. A layer of synthetic material outer pants would have helped very much as my jeans became wet fast from my rising body temperature. I setup this camp desperate for two trees that were old enough to support my weight and far enough apart. Sometimes the trees are all or nothing... I used two small plastic clamps to hold the part of my tarp facing the wind closed and the opposite was open for easy entry and exit.

With my setup, which you can view in detail here, I was able to setup quickly and easily. Inside the shelter, to my surprise, I was very warm in just my clothes and boots. Because of the wedge shaped design I feel the wind was equally displaced on the tarp and none of my steaks were ripped from the ground. A good sleeping bag was needed to get through the night of course. I wouldn't recommend taking off ones boots in conditions like that though! Without my boots my feet were freezing, and after I took them off it was hard getting them warm again.

Now, as much as I hate doing this, I will take a little bit of time to shamefully self promote my ebay store. After moving around a lot in the past three months i am now in a stable enough situation to start selling items on Ebay once again! I rely on the profits from this online store to fund this blog and my upcoming cycle touring adventures. If you have learned something, enjoyed the blog, downloaded a zine, or just want to support this project, buying an item from my online is a great way to do so! Please click the image below to visit my store. Right now i have a lot of awesome rare punk 12" records for sale as well as some knives and other neat things, all reasonably priced.

If you have ever looked into purchasing bicycle panniers, you have probably found that there is a very specific niche market of what seems to be an endless array of expensive products geared towards bike travelers. I'd like to encourage cyclist to spend less on expensive gear, thus having more money to actually travel with whilst incorporating imagination and creativity. Here is my take on the ol' recycled kitty litter bucket pannier system. This design features bungee straps made from recycled bike tubes. Using the tubes to make a bungee strap saves even more money. Here are some images to help you make your own; Tool List: Hardware List: Hand Drawn Sketch of Design: